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DUI Crash Victim's Family Sues Bar

Posted on March 8th, 2010 No Comments

The family of a young woman killed by a Fort Worth police officer in an alleged DUI crash is suing one of the bars he drank in that night.

The family of 27 year-old Sonia Baker is suing the Pour House on West 7th Street in Fort Worth. The lawsuit alleges that Fort Worth narcotics officer Jesus Cisneros was served alcohol at the bar until he was dangerously drunk. Cisneros left the bar and was involved in the crash with Baker.

Attorney for Baker’s family, Jeff Rasansky, said there is evidence to back up the claims of the lawsuit. “We understand that there are video tapes that we have not seen, that establish the fact that he had four beers and four hard liquor shots. Obviously he was intoxicated.” said Rasansky.

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