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Houston teacher wanted after beating student

Posted on May 13th, 2010 No Comments

A Houston charter school teacher fired Monday after beating a 13 year-old student is wanted by the police after a criminal background check revealed that she was wanted on criminal mischief charges over slashing another woman’s tires in 2009. Jamie’s House Charter School fired the teacher after a cell phone camera caught her slapping, kicking, and throwing a student’s head into a wall. She had worked at the school for three years without any similar incidents.

Texas state law does not require charter schools to undergo the same rigor of standards that public schools are accounted to uphold. Instead, the state-wide requirement for charter schools came in a 2007 law that required a criminal background check and fingerprints from teacher applicants. The charter school under scrutiny has refused to comment on the abusive teacher’s background.

No criminal charges have been pressed against the teacher as of yet for this particular incident, but they are expected to compound her previous record.

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