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Texas legislators may strengthen DWI laws

Posted on July 21st, 2010 No Comments

In 2009, Texas had 1,269 deaths in alcohol-related driving accidents.  Now, lawmakers are considering making stricter driving while intoxicated laws including sobriety checkpoints and mandatory blood tests.

Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, Senator John Whitmire of Houston aruges, “We need a consistent DWI policy across the state of Texas”.  Furthermore, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo testified for possible  changes to the state’s DWI laws stating, “If we can’t intervene in people’s lives, we can’t change their behavior.  It has to start with the first arrest”.

Other topics discussed at the hearing included repealing a surcharge that fines driver’s convicted of driving drunk thousands of dollars and making new treatment options available to first time offenders.

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