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Drunk driver gets 60 years in prison

Posted on August 27th, 2010 No Comments

Earlier this month, Orvel Wayne Speck was given the maximum sentence of 60 years in prison for driving drunk and killing three Houston residents.  Speck received 20 years for each count of intoxication manslaughter with each sentence to be served consecutively.  46-year old Speck, who has AIDS, will be 106 if he serves all 60 years.  He will not receive parole until he is 76.

Speck addressed the jury before they were sent off to make their decision and stated, “It’s destroyed my life.  I can’t proclaim my sorrow enough….I’m not a monster.  I didn’t intentionally kill anybody”.  Speck testified that he did not remember anything between having drinks at a bar in Galveston and waking up in the hospital.

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