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TX could adopt DWAI crime

Posted on October 20th, 2010 No Comments

Texas has recently seen a growth in supporters pushing to have the legal blood alcohol content limit  lowered.  Currently, in order to be arrested for drunk driving a driver’s BAC must be .08  percent or higher.

One proponent of the change is Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo who stated, “We have a glaring hole in our system where people that the law presumes to be under the influence, but their cases are being bargained down to non-DWI charges like blocking the roadway or reckless driving”.

The DWAI, or Driving While Ability Impaired, law would make it illegal for drivers to have a BAC between .05 and .07 percent.  This crime would be less than a DWI or DUI but a greater offense than other traffic charges.  Proponents believe that DWAI would allow offenders to face harsher punishment if they are caught driving with alcohol in their system again.

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