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TX Senator takes on criminal justice reform

Posted on February 7th, 2011 No Comments

Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston is planning on introducing reforms to the criminal justice system in Texas in order to decrease the number of wrongful convictions in the state.  Texas has had at least 42 inmates exonerated on DNA evidence.  Currently, this is the highest number of exonerations in any state.

Ellis has created what he calls an “Innocence Protection Package.”  The package includes four bills aimed at criminal defense and reducing wrongful convictions.  The bills include changes like consistent and uniform procedures for eyewitness identifications, streamlining the DNA appeal process, reorganizing the state’s indigent defense task force and recording suspects of serious felonies’ interrogations.

According to officials from the Innocence Project of Texas, many counties do not have any type of consistent or uniform procedures regarding eyewitness identification, interrogations or DNA appeals.  In addition, they say incorrect eyewitness identification convicted 85 percent of exonerated persons in the state.

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