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New law gives wrongfully convicted man given $1.4 million

Posted on July 20th, 2011 No Comments

Last month, Governor Perry signed a new law that allows a man who was wrongfully convicted on six counts of murder and spent 18 years in jail to receive $1.4 million.

The 45-year old man was a suspect in the 1992 murder of a family of 2 women and 4 children.  Another suspect informed police that had worked with the other man in the crime.

However, the man maintained that he was innocent and that he was at his house in Brenham with a family member when the crime occurred.  In 2000, the other suspect admitted that the 45-year old man was not involved in the crime.

The man was released from Burleson County Jail in October after his attorney filed a motion to have the charges dismissed.

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