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Houston-area bank robberies on the rise

Posted on August 7th, 2012 No Comments

The rate at which bank robberies are occurring in the Houston area is on the rise. There have been 97 bank robberies so far this year, more than doubling the 41 there had been at this point last July. The record for bank robberies in Houston is 171, set in 2010.

While many people blame the harsh economic climate, it can also be argued that there are also many more banks that are open for longer hours now. People simply have more opportunity to rob banks than they did in the past.

Many bank robberies occur quickly and quietly. The people stealing from banks want to get in and out as fast as they can. However, there are numerous new security measures in place that make bank robbers easier to find and catch. Additionally, as the problem becomes more widespread, the penalties for robbing a bank are becoming harsher.

If you are being accused of robbing a bank, you are facing federal charges. You will need an experienced, determined attorney on your side to help you through the difficult trial ahead of you. Contact the criminal defense attorneys of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., at 713-523-0404 to learn more about how a lawyer can help you.