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Charge: Assault - State claimed client hit victim with a telephone and broke victim’s nose. However, the client was acting in self-defense.


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Houston Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

For many facing domestic abuse at home, the reality of the situation can be horrifyingly daunting. Domestic violence is much more than the physical side of abuse. Beyond the cuts and the bruises, abusers want to dominate their partner, child, or relative’s entire life. Considering the severity of this behavior, the penalties for a conviction are likely to be significant. Also, the stigma associated with even the accusation of domestic violence can be personally and professionally devastating.

If you have been arrested and charged with crimes related to domestic violence, you need and deserve aggressive and experienced criminal defense. Contact the Houston domestic violence defense lawyers of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., at 713-523-0404 today to learn more about your legal options if you are facing these serious allegations.

Domestic Violence Cases

Considering how vague domestic violence charges may be, a defendant may face stringent punishments or legal limitations without even realizing what damaging actions they are being accused of. The following are considered types of domestic abuse:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Economic abuse

The charges associated with these types of abuse can result in serious criminal charges as well as legal limitations due to restraining orders. Every citizen has the right to present their legal defense if charged with a crime. Given how damaging these allegations can be for a person’s reputation and legal rights, strong legal defense should be a priority.

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If you are convicted in connection with domestic abuse or domestic violence, the penalties are likely to be harsh. To learn more about your rights and options as a defendant, contact the Houston domestic violence defense attorneys of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., by calling 713-523-0404.