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Charge: Assault - State claimed client hit victim with a telephone and broke victim’s nose. However, the client was acting in self-defense.


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Houston Shoplifting Attorney

In the state of Texas, shoplifting falls under the broader charge of theft. Theft charges carry different penalties according to the value of the stolen property. In addition to more conventional forms of shoplifting, individuals may be charged with theft if they write bad checks and do not inform the store within 10 days of the transaction.

If you have been charged with a shoplifting offense, it is important that you discuss the facts of your case with an attorney. For more information and a free legal consultation, contact the Houston shoplifting lawyers of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., at 713-523-0404 today.

Penalties for Shoplifting

As the value of shoplifted goods is generally fairly low, these crimes are usually treated as misdemeanors. However, the degree of the misdemeanor or felony depends on the value of the stolen goods. The method of theft may also contribute to the manner in which a particular crime is treated in terms of sentencing. Texas uses the following guidelines for sentencing:

  • Less than $50 in value, or $20 by bad checks: Class C misdemeanor
  • Between $50 and less than $500, or between $20 and less than $200 in bad checks: Class B misdemeanor
  • Between $500 and less than $1,500: Class A misdemeanor

According to the Texas criminal code, Class A and Class B misdemeanors can carry possible jail sentences. In addition to the threat of time in jail, convicted individuals may be made to pay a substantial fine. For example, in the case of a Class A misdemeanor, the fine can reach up to $4,000. Cases of theft involving more than $1,500 are treated as felonies, and continue to scale according to the value of the stolen property.

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If you have been charged with shoplifting, you need the help of a defense attorney. To learn more about your legal rights and options as a defendant, contact the Houston shoplifting attorneys of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., by calling 713-523-0404 today.