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Charge: Assault - State claimed client hit victim with a telephone and broke victim’s nose. However, the client was acting in self-defense.


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Houston Securities Fraud Lawyers

Securities fraud is a term for a wide range of deceptive practices involving the stock or commodity market. Generally speaking, it involves providing false information to investors in an attempt to influence purchase or sale decisions. A person accused of committing securities fraud faces serious consequences, including prison sentences, financial penalties, and damage to their personal and professional reputation.

If you or someone you know has been accused of securities fraud, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and interests. Contact the Houston securities fraud attorneys of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., at 713-523-0404 today to learn more about what you can do to fight these damaging charges.

Types of Securities Fraud

Securities fraud can be committed in a number of ways. The following are the most common types of securities fraud:

  • Corporate fraud – falsification of earnings reports and other acts intended to entice investors based on false information.
  • Internet fraud – false information is spread on the internet through chat rooms, forums, and spam email to raise stock prices.
  • Insider trading – buying or selling stock based on information not available to the public.
  • Boiler rooms – businesses or stock brokerages which sell stock using unfair or dishonest selling practices.

Whatever the basis of the case that has been leveled against you, it is important that your side is represented vigorously and competently. You should not risk harsh penalties due to the misguided accusations of bitter partners or others.

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If you have been accused of securities fraud, it is important that you have capable and experienced criminal defense representation. Contact the Houston securities fraud lawyers of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C., at 713-523-0404 today to discuss your situation and begin formulating your defense.